• Divya Biyani

    LNM Institute Of Information Technology

    Hello. I am currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering. Coding is my passion, has been for many years now and I strive to achieve new heights in this field. My strengths are Algorithms and Data Structures.

    Fields that interest me are Software engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Network. Competitive coding is my passion.

  • Internship Experience

    Product Engineer Intern

    May 2016-August 2016

    • Developed a plugin for company’s existing product which required playing with the syntactic and semantic structure of languages.
    •  Used different parsers and graph visualization libraries.
    •  Skills Used-Java,Python,HTML,CSS,JavaScript.
  • Skills

    Programming Languages

    • C
    • C++
    • JAVA
    • Python
    • QML

    Web Development

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript


    • Windows
    • Linux


    • MySQL
    • DB2

    Version Control

    • Git
  • Projects

    Library Management System(C++)


    • Using this application we could reserve,issue and return the book .

    Intra City Bus Management System (OOP and DBMS)


    • Designing a window application of a bus management.
    • Database is capable of maintaining a bus’s record,route’s record,record of managers and users of the bus and the distance for each route.
    • Implemented Breadth First Search,Depth First Search in Java
    • Technologies that we used are  DB2, Eclipse.

    Instruction Set Architecture Assembler(COA)    


    • Developed a 16-bit Architecture Instruction Set with 60 instructions.
    • Made a Two Pass Assembler that converts using C program.
    • Created the symbol table in the first pass and the machine language file in second pass.

    Configuring Domjudge

    (LNMIIT CSI-Chapter  )


    • Installed and configured Domjudge.
    • Successful execution on LNMIIT Server.

    Online and Offline Stable Matching Algorithm (OS)


    • Built an application for Resource Allocation of Donor and Consumer on the basis of two algorithms:Offline and Online.This was built in Java.

    SLEEPWELL: Maximize power savings in Tree-like Computer Networks


    • In India, one of the key network design factors is cost. Therefore, unlike most developed nations, networks in India have at most a single path between these nodes. This research project aims at developing an algorithm focused on power saving possibility in tree-structured networks prevalent in developing nations.
  • Courses

    Computer Programming

    Data Structures


    Theory of Computation

    Object Oriented Programming in Java

    Artificial Intelligence

    Discrete Mathematical Structures

    Database Management Systems

    Operating Systems

    Computer Organization and Architecture

    Parallel Computing Architectures

    Operation Research

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